The Selectors

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The Selectors


Roman Jeunesse



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Have you ever had unusual experiences you couldn't understand?
Or felt disassociated from the usual everyday reality of life and that
there was something else out there?

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L'action se déroule à Montréal et Mont Tremblant


All these phenomena, these inexplicable but observable happenings had remained total mysteries until a special late summer evening event, which I never expected to happen, made me mentally rewind my past, until I reached the moment of the first visit of my “nightly ghosts”.
I met someone who called himself Edvard who finally explained everything I needed to know about my out of these world extraordinary events.
I had this feeling that maybe one day I might come face to face with my “ghosts” again, and somehow interact with them while still living in this Earthly world...
As I aged, I had this great interest in all kinds of literature related to E.Ts, U.F.Os, abduction stories, etc. These subjects were fascinating to me. I’ve read quite a lot of books related to these subjects. But they have never brought to light what I was looking for. There were also so many conspiracy theories floating around in cyberspace that I finally withdrew from the subject for years...

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