The Programmer

The Programmer


Roman Jeunesse



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Could there be some unseen force controlling the events that influence Earth's direction and survival?
What is the origin of this force and what is its final agenda?
Can two young high school drop out computer geeks actually solve the mystery?
Join them and find out about their shocking discovery.

L'action se déroule à in California


The Programmer is meant to be a device that automatically controls the operation of something in accordance with a prescribed program.
- I can program you into whatever I want you to become whenever and wherever I feel like doing so. I am The Programmer.
Equipped with the most sophisticated high tech equipment they could put their hands on, they were able to, within a very short time, hack any computer without being located by the anti-hacking squad which was feared by many but not by Steph and John and their fellow group members. Both highly computer skilled, they had surpassed the technology of any of the existing anti-hacking squads around the world and were very proud of their achievements. They knew they were very smart and capable in their chosen field of endeavor.
Billions of bitcoins were available and had become a hot commodity among opportunists and this form of finance served their purpose well. John and Steph became very rich using this monetary system.

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