Life Never Dies

Life Never Dies


Roman Jeunesse



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Life Never Dies
Is it possible to renew contact with our loved ones after death?
The ones with whom we've shared our lives ...
After all, we've been told that our souls are eternal...
A very renowned neurosurgeon Karl Hoffman succeeds in finding a way to cheat death...
Since his childhood, he had dreamed of finding a way for us to cheat death...
Thanks to science, he found the way to do it for his parents...
The technique by which he accomplished this is called transfer...
In order to see his parents live together again in another lifetime...
To make return possible for a son whose life was shortened due to an incurable cancer...
This is their story...and the story of many others...
A group of individuals who'd been promised their transfers is still waiting...
Here is my book trailer - Enjoy!

L'action se déroule à en Suisse


Chapter 1
The Transfer
Undisclosed Government Medical facility, Zurich Switzerland...
Mitch Hoffman, a terminally ill cancer patient, the father of Karl Hoffman, a very renowned Swiss German neurosurgeon, has been patiently awaiting this moment for ten long days. His time had finally arrived where he could, in total consciousness, leave his body, this physical entity that could no longer serve his needs. Mitch was being given this unheard opportunity to become the owner of a biologically-engineered body tailor-made for him. Mitch was in his present lifetime in his late 80’s. He was happy to make the change and start anew.
It was a chance of a lifetime to rejoin his family as promised with total confidence and complete safety. He had been guaranteed that he’d be free again. He agreed to the woman who would be the bearer of his new body. She filled all the requirements to be a surrogate mother in order to give birth to a very healthy baby boy.

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