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The Theory of Devolution A Genetic Engineering Odyssey


Roman Jeunesse



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15 juin 2016


Would you be interested in exploring a story the subject of which revolves around the devolution of civilization?
William Perry, a very educated man, who holds several PhD’s in the area of the sciences, whose major interests are biology and archaeology becomes involved in an exceptional project.

It all begins with a simple, casual DNA test which provides much more than anyone could have expected. Follow the line of investigation. This story will take you on a ride that is not only entertaining but might open you up to some new ideas. This will bring you up to date on the rewinding of human history and one example of human devolution. It will keep you in your seat throughout, something new on every page.

L'action se déroule à Colorado and around the world


...Everything to do with Eve’s future seemed to be going in the right direction. She was after all a brilliant woman with a good temperament and she had proved that she could thrive in any area on which she focused her attention.
- Well, this is the end of our time together; I really enjoyed your company, said one of her co-students.
They had worked together a lot during her internship and while they had become fond of each other, they had no plans to extend their relationship after this point in time. They were going their separate ways the very next day.
... She produced sample DNA kits for everyone and invited them all to perform a saliva swab test. She said that she would make sure that the results would be mailed to them within the next six to eight weeks.
Her destiny, however, would change on a dime; something had happened of which she had absolutely no knowledge...

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