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The Corruption Effect:: A journey into the Dark Side


Roman Jeunesse



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16 novembre 2016


A young Sicilian couple immigrates to Montreal, Canada, dreaming of a new life, full of hopes and dreams for their future.
Discover what is hiding in the shadows of their son who becomes an icon in the financial market place...
A striking account about how an ordinary couple and their son become entangled with the mafia’s influence. Twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat as the mystery unravels. ...
A thriller that will keep you in suspense.

L'action se déroule à Montréal and around the world


Chapter 1
Montreal City, winter 2012
Situated between Champ-de-Mars and Place-d'Armes metro stations, the Montreal Superior Court on Notre-Dame street East had several courtrooms, one of which had a particular case ongoing on which the media had been focusing their attention for months. This trial had made the headlines as Montreal’s trial of the century. They had been many other class action suits in the past in the city but this one was like no other.
All Rise! Announced a court clerk inviting everyone to stand as a white haired and bearded man dressed in a black robe entered and walked up the few stairs which ended at a raised platform. Justice Mercier, who was overseeing this class action case, looked over the crowded court room where more than a dozen court reporters were seated in their reserved media area on the ready to note everything that would happen this very important day.
They were more than eager to record everything that would be said during the trial.

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