Beelzebub Speaks

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Beelzebub Speaks


Roman Jeunesse



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12 janvier 2018


There comes a time in every civilization where the forces of goods and progressive thinking have to face the forces of ignorance, evil and tyranny.
What becomes of the later generations depends on what is done there and then in that place at that time.
Find out if you may have taken part when these two forces went head to head.
Indifference is no longer an option.

L'action se déroule à In Europe


Chapter 1
The Dawn of It All
The full moon was sharing the sky with thousands of stars. Walking toward a gigantic old oak tree near the top of a small hill was a lonely alchemist wizard. He made his way to the tree with the help of carved light cane emitting a pale soft blue color. He was dressed in a dark blue and white robe. Under his tall hat, his long brown hair and his beard were blowing at every caress of the light wind. Both hair and beard were nearly touching the ground. They were so long; one could easily tell that he had probably never cut them throughout his whole life. He pulled a large thick big book from his shoulder pouch. The book was covered in black leather elegantly engraved with flames and a partially blooming red rose beneath them. He placed his cane on the ground and slowly went down on his knees to deposit the book at the foot of the oak tree trunk. It was the last time he heard the familiar wood burning like crackling sounds from the book.