AZAG and the children

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AZAG and the children


Roman Jeunesse



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18 juillet 2018


Yahya sees the situation of the people of Gaza. He is old enough to have memories of what life was like here in 2009, which he learnt from his mother, his uncle and several neighbours who all died that same year.
With his cousin Isra, they imagine uniting the children of the area to do something that will improve their daily lives. So, they create a group of young people like themselves who congregate in the courtyard at the back of a ruined, abandoned house.
Using the debris of wood, stones and other fragments of the city left lying there, they make themselves a roofless shelter, where together, having a lot of fun, they create a new friend whom they name AZAG.
With him, they reinvent their own reality

L'action se déroule à Gaza


To divert attention, Yahya without thinking begins scratching his soles in the sand making a shape. On recognizing he has formed a kind of chain, he tries to improve it a little. With concentration he frowns, attentive to every detail. As he continues he thinks to himself, a chain shows how the Palestinians of Gaza are holding together as one; a chain emphasized that what the “Occupation” was doing to them was not good; a chain to confront it, to stand up and say that Yahya doesn’t like it and neither do his friends; to express...
Suddenly, he notices his friend was also busy around HIS ch…!
“But what are you doing Shada?” He protests, stopping abruptly.
He cannot understand what she is doing; he places his hands on his hips impatiently frowning